Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Aneto Okonkwo

Aneto Okonkwo is the Product Manager of Baraza. Baraza is Google’s newest Question and Answer service. It is a service focused on creating ways for Africans to interact and share knowledge by asking and answering questions, many of them hyper local, or of regional interest only.

Aneto was a senior at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, majoring in Management Science and Engineering. He worked at Microsoft Corporation in 2005 as a Program Manager intern in the Microsoft Office Project group. He had previously completed his undergraduate degree in Management Science & Engineering (with a concentration in Organizations Technology & Entrepreneurship) at the same school where he served as Student Body Vice President.

Aneto is an associate of the Nigeria leadership Initiative (NLI) and served as a Technology Analyst for Obama for America Campaign. He was also a member of the Obama Presidential Transition Team on Technology.

Aneto hails from Enugu, Nigeria. His interests include international development and high tech-entrepreneurship. He has also worked for Goldman Sachs, Roche Diagnostics and McKinsey & Company.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Nmachi Jidenma

One to watch

22 year old Nmachi Jidenma is currently a Graduate student in the Department of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell. Prior to Graduate school she did agribusiness research focusing on African countries for a D.C. based NGO, TechnoServe and performed independent research as an undergraduate student on African Capital Markets.

She also interned at JPMorgan’s New York office and at Accenture’s office in Nigeria. While an undergraduate student, she won the Horn-Theophilus Award for outstanding extracurricular service. She is currently the Founder/Publisher of, a Pan-African website that features progressive African ideas, positive trends and inspiring entrepreneurs.

CP-Africa is a new online crusade to reshape the Africa conversation. It began when Nmachi started blogging about progressive things happening in Nigeria on her Facebook page. She later added topics from other African countries and eventually moved the content to a Blogger account.

The CP-Africa website is unique in its strict adherence to publishing positive and progressive content from and about the black continent. It collaborates with other organisations and websites concerned with relevant issues in Africa to deliver up-to-date information about Africans in Diaspora who are doing great. It also employs links to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to the increasing global network of internet users.

Follow Nmachi on twitter @nmachijidenma

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